Variable-Mu compressor

The U33 compressor utilizes all vacuum tube technology (no solid state). It is transformer balanced in and out and was built out of the respect for some of the 1960's Abbey Road engineer Geoff Emerick's recordings from the Beatles Revolver era. The unit is not a direct clone of any compressor from the past but we feel the essential features of the EMI RS124 are preserved as well as some newer flexibility.

The unit is a cross between an Altec 436, EMI RS124 and a FAIRCHILD 660. Running channel A into channel B will yield some very interesting pumping a breathing effects. If High Fidelity is in mind it is Stereo Linkable and will behave itself beautifully across a mix. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did designing it and recording with it. This unit was honestly a labor of love and we think it adds a certain magic to the recording experience.

Wired completely point to point with custom, hand-wound transformers, THIS IS THE GENUINE ARTICLE. If you ever wanted to own a Fairchild now is your chance.


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CHECK OUT "Locked Down" by Dr. John and Dan Auerbach. Note the TWO OWA U33s stacked up next to Dan at 1:00.