Fully Modded in Wood


Discrete Stereo Mic Pre / Inductor EQs

This unit includes Transformer Balanced In and Out, Discrete Transistor, Inductor EQ's, Phantom Power, Phase Reversal, and Power Supply all mounted in hand-polished wood.

We recommend Carnhill input & output transformers and can install them if you prefer more of a Neve sound. We also provide 22 independent modifications to the pcb cards. Most of these mods have to do with proper gain staging, correct q and frequency points (tuned to the points of the Neve 1073), and overall voicing of the amplifiers. We tame the harshness of the top end that plagues the stock unit by adding a 7th inductor, making each unit fully inductor based, and completely passive like a Pultec.

When these units are completed, they definitely have a vintage sound reminiscent of Neve and Motown. After all, these were originally designed by John Windt in the 70s after his tenure at electrodyne. This is the best bang for the buck in the industry as far as discrete inductor EQs go.